Restaurant Review: Salt & Bone Smokehouse

Details: Located at 32-07 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 11102. The official site is

Salt & Bone Smokehouse is a barbecue place in Astoria. It’s not the best barbecue I’ve ever had, but it was satisfying.

I ordered the half rack of ribs (cost $22) and a small order of potato salad (cost $4). Ribs were pretty good. The potato salad was pretty good… for the first four bites. It was hard to eat after that as I got real tired of the taste. There are like some small seasoning they use, I think it might be capers, that they over did. The potato salad wasn’t great.

Overall, if you want barbecue and live nearby, then Salt & Bone isn’t bad. I think there are vastly better barbecue places in the area though. Butcher Bar comes to mind.

Score: 6.6/10


Comedy Show Review: Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

Details: Released in 2016 on Netflix. About an hour long.

Even though the best stand-up comedy special I’ve seen this year is from Dave Chappelle, Ali Wong comes in a close second. This is one of the best comedy shows I’ve seen in recent memory and, in my opinion, about as funny (though not as controversial) as Dave Chappelle.

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Restaurant Review: Pio Pio

Details: Located at 210 E 34th St, New York, NY 10016, among other locations. The official site is

Pio Pio is a Peruvian restaurant with a focus on rotisserie chicken. They have other sides, too, but it’s mostly about the chicken.

The location we went was a relatively small, cramped space.

Service was meh. Not great.

In regards to food, I had the quarter dark chicken (costs five dollars) and the salchipapa (french fries with cut up hot dogs, cost six dollars). I also ate some of my friends sides. It was okay.

Overall, this isn’t a great place to eat for dinner. It’s a good place for lunch as they have decent lunch specials. If you do want to come here for dinner, you need to bring a few people with you. They don’t really serve things in individual serving sizes and none of the food here is so good that you’ll want to eat a platter of plantains or beans and rice.

Score: 6/10

Anime Review: Nobunaga Concerto

Details: Aired in 2014. Ten episode with each episode a little under twenty-five minutes long. There’s also a live action drama and movie that I didn’t watch.

This is a mostly incomplete anime series. For that reason, you might want to watch the live action drama instead and the movie to get the full story. However, if you’re intrigued by the anime, it’s still worth a watch and there is an ending to this first season, even if it felt like the show got canceled after the first season aired. I still enjoyed the show for its style and the color it gives to Japanese history.

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Anime Review: Restaurant to Another World

Details: Also known as Isekai Shokudō. Aired in 2017. Twelve episode with each episode at a little under twenty-five minutes.

Two of the most popular genres of anime right now are fantasy anime (Sword Art Online, Konosuba, Overlord, too many others to count) and gourmet/food anime (Shoukugeki no Soma being the most popular I think). Restaurant to Another World combines these two genres to create a lighthearted anime that was relaxing and fun watch.

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Anime Review: Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series

Details: Also known as Kino no Tabi -the Beautiful World-Aired in 2017. Twelve episodes with each episode a little over twenty minutes long.

Kino’s Journey can be considered a second season or a remake of the similarly named anime that was released in 2003. A few of the episodes are remakes/upgrades to episodes in the prior anime series. Personally, this never bothered me because I’ve mostly forgotten everything from the prior anime series since I watched it so long ago. For me, this newly released series of Kino’s Journey is an interesting, tense adventure that often times dips into the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres.

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Anime Review: Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Details: Also known as Netojū no Susume — Recommendation of the Wonderful Virtual Life. First aired in 2017. Ten episodes and an OVA that are each a little under twenty-five minutes long.

I came into this expecting another cookie cutter anime with the setting of a fantasy role-playing video game, except with a thirty year old female protagonist. I was expecting some action and some comedy. Instead, this is a fairly standard romantic comedy that could easily be made into a live action drama, maybe a Korean drama. Don’t expect any action. Do expect some cute, perhaps cringe worthy romance.

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