Restaurant Review: Fuku+

Details: Located at 15 W. 56th Street, First Floor, New York, NY 10019. Official site is

Fuku+ is a small bar under the Momofuku brand name. There’s some seating, but not a lot.

I came here to try their spicy fried chicken sandwich and fries. The spicy fried chicken sandwich costs eight dollars and consists of a friend chicken patty (tasted like dark meat) with pickles on a potato bun. It came with their Ssam sauce on the side, which mostly tasted like Korean gochujang sauce. I kind of wish they had some mayo or aioli type sauce on the sandwich, but it was fine even though the sandwich itself had no sauce on it. Fries were three dollars and average.

Overall, this is just your standard bar food. Nothing extraordinary, nor do I think it was intended as such. Just your average small bar inside a hotel. Additionally, there’s a Momofuku Milk Bar in front of the place, but bring credit card if you want some dessert because that’s all they take.

Score: 5.2/10


Restaurant Review: Sakagura

Details: Located at 211 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017. The official site is

I’ve never walked out of a tapas place completely satisfied. Not European tapas, American tapas, Asian tapas, or any kind of tapas. It’s mostly because tapas — at least in New York City — generally cost a lot of money for a little bit of food. I always walk out of tapas restaurants with an empty wallet and mostly empty stomach. The same was true of Sakagura.

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Restaurant Review: Sushi Deli 2

Details: Located at 135 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101. The official site is

I’ve written about it before, but there are tiers of sushi. In terms of price, high-end is generally around a hundred dollars or more for omakase (e.g. Masa, Nakizawa), the new middle is now places that offer omakases at around fifty dollars (e.g. Sugarfish), and then there’s the low-end that price around twenty dollars or less. If you want some low end, but still satisfying sushi, Sushi Deli 2 is a great place to go.

I came here at night during a weekend. It was packed. They don’t take reservations here. You have to physically come here and write your name onto a list. Then you wait outside until your name is called. I don’t think they call or text or anything, so you just have to physically wait their until your name is called. Kind of annoying, but there were still a ton of groups waiting with me outside the restaurant… for about an hour.

Like many lower end sushi places, they had “specialty” rolls. It’s stuff with ingredients like fruit, cream cheese, smoke salmon, etc. It’s stuff that traditional, higher end sushi would never put in sushi, but there is a need and desire for this kind of food and Sushi Deli 2 fulfills that desire.

I ordered the Verano Roll (spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, avocado, cilantro, crab surimi, lemon slices, spicy sauce) for around nine dollars. It was okay. It was a little odd that they actually put thin slices of lemon, rind and all, on top of the thing.

I saw a lot of people order the nachos. Maybe that’s good. I wouldn’t know since I didn’t get it.

The environment was fun. It’s a Japanese restaurant, not a bar, but one where you’d feel comfortable drinking as if you were in a bar. The service people were nice.

Overall, an okay place that serves a very specific need. It’s cheap Japanese food with heavy Western influence, to the point where you could argue that the restaurant is more American than Japanese.

Score: 5.8/10

Restaurant Review: Blacktail

Details: Located at 2nd floor, Pier A Harbor House, 22 Battery Place, New York, NY 10004. Official site is:

Blacktail is a sister bar from the founders of Dead Rabbit, the world’s best bar according to Accordingly, my expectations were high.

The first thing you notice as you walk in is the decor and the service. I love how this bar looks. It tries very hard to emulate that high-class, old time-y speakeasy feel. Everyone who works here is also very welcoming.

We ordered a bunch of food items and drinks. I think we had some sliders, chicken lollipops, and the Cuban sandwich. Most of what we ordered were around twenty dollars. They tasted all right, but the price they charged for the quality and quantity of food was ridiculous. So much so that if someone were to ask me what’s good to eat at Blacktail, I would say nothing. This is a bar first, restaurant second. Don’t get any of the food here. It’s not fantastic nor is it worth it.

You should however get drinks because that is the main draw of this place. We ordered a bunch of mixed drinks, which were all great. I had the Clairvoyant, a seasonal drink that tasted like coffee and had egg and cream in it. I always wanted to order one of these cocktails with egg in it, but at your local bar, they don’t do that. Even worse, if they do have drinks with egg in it, I wouldn’t trust them enough to make it. Given the reputation of Dead Rabbit and Blacktail, I was willing to give it a try. Drinks generally price around sixteen dollars.

Overall, I liked this place even though I thought it was very expensive. The main draw of Blacktail is the good service, the energy and ambiance of the room, and the quality drinks that you can only get here. I’m glad I tried this place, but I don’t make enough money nor love drinking enough to be a regular here.

Score: 6/10

Restaurant Review: The Malt House, Financial District

Details: Located at 9 Maiden Ln., New York, NY 10038. Official site is

I came here on a Thursday night. It was pretty packed. I’m always surprised to see people out on a weeknight, but then again, Thursday is the new Friday.

I have no opinions on alcohol. If a connoisseur can’t tell the difference between expensive and cheap wine, how the hell am I supposed to be able to.

As for food, I ordered the Wagyu house blend burger (bacon, pesto aioli, tomatoes, lettuce, and choice of cheese) which came with fries for the price of $17. It was a pretty good burger, although pricey for a burger. The fries weren’t bad either.

I think the most important part of a bar like this is the energy and ambiance. It was lively with lots of people, music, televisions, and a separate area for people who wanted to sit and eat. Regardless of whether I liked the burger or not, it was a fun place to hang out.

The service people were nice.

Score: 6/10

Restaurant Review: Ladybird (near NYU, NYC)

Official site:

As you can probably tell from the image above, Ladybird is a pretty hip looking bar that only has vegan taps for food, so it’s a good place to bring your vegan friends. It was actually pretty pricey for the size of the portions, but it generally is when it comes to vegan stuff. It’s the vegan premium.

We only bought drinks, which were pretty good. They seem to have pieces of flower in a lot of them. There aren’t any whiskys or things like that, just wine, champagne and mixed drinks involving flowers for ingredients. Kind of unique I guess.

Additionally, the service was nice. At the time that we went here, it had been opened only a few weeks. So they’re still getting the hang of things and you could feel that. They were still nice.

Score: 5/10 This score is only based on the drinks and environment. Loved the interior of this place, which matters to me.

Restaurant Review: Lillie’s Victorian Establishment (Union Square, NYC)

Official site:

Unless I’m going to a bar that has little to no food, I generally judge a place by the food it serves. Unfortunately for Lillie’s, that is how I judged this place.

The first thing your notice here is the interior. It’s pretty awesome and definitely promotes good vibes. The drinks were fine, just had some beers.

The food was just okay. I mean I wasn’t hungry afterwards, but I wouldn’t eat it again for fun. We both ordered Lillie’s burgers. The pickles were insanely tart.

Score: 3.6/10 Good place to drink. Food was just all right. It’s just average bar food. Don’t come here expecting to eat anything awesome.

Restaurant (or Bar) Review: Pegu Club (Houston St., NYC)

Official site:

(above site has a really loud flash video play)

Pegu Club is a really comfortable, classy bar on Houston street. I came with a group and all the drinks on the menu. Everything was really good and drink range from around $15 and up. Waitress was really nice.

Score: 7/10 Great place to bring coworkers or a date. It’s a great place to bring anybody actually.

Restaurant Review: Ninth Ward (East Village, NYC)

I’ve been to the Ninth Ward a few times now and it’s a great place to drink.

They have all your standard bar food like fries and burgers. There are some Cajun things like gumbo and Po boys. There’s also poutine, which I don’t see on menus too often. I’ve had the poutine and burger. They were all right.

Drink menu is also short. They have a few specialty cocktails, which are just your average cocktails with some slight twist. It’s not fancy, but it does the job.

Most important is the atmosphere. It’s a fun place with a friendly crowd. There are tables in the back, booths in the middle, and some tables out front if you feel like sitting outside. All pretty comfortable.

Additionally, they do take reservations.

Score: 6/10 Fine place to get a drink and some bar food.

Official site:

Restaurant Review: Tanner Smith’s (55th Street, NYC)

Tanner Smith’s is a relatively new bar that opened this year. I came here for drinks after work.

First is the appearance. It’s a nice looking bar and I really like the classical look.

Like many bars, they have a variety of “special drinks,” which are really just your average drinks with their slightly different twist on them. Had some beers; they have all your standard brands. Also tried the Winona. It’s their twist on the old fashioned and I really liked it. It came in a bottle and there was some instruction on how to drink it. I just emptied the bottle into the iced glass. It had a smoky taste which differentiated it from other old fashioned’s I’ve had before.

Other people ordered dirty martinis and the Mayor Gaynor’s Tippler (their version of a Manhattan). I was told they were both good.

We ordered a lot of food; the Thai deviled eggs on curried toast, house prepared beef jerky, the everything pretzel, the buffalo chicken spring rolls, the chicken wings (Asian sesame sauce), some beef burgers, tacos pequenos and a flat bread pizza.

Everything was really good. The Thai deviled eggs were really small. Tacos were ordinary. The chicken wings with asian sesame sauce were amazing and came with a cucumber salad. Burgers and pizza were fine.

I don’t know if it was because they were new, but the service wasn’t fantastic. People were nice, they just weren’t that reliable.

Score: 7.5/10 Really like this place. It’s got a nice vibe and the people coming here were fun. Drinks were great and I really liked my Winona. Chicken wings were also great. I heard that the Sriracha Honey flavored wings were also good. Looking forward to coming here again.

Official site: