Movie Review: Justice League

Details: Released in 2017. About two hours long. Stars Ben AffleckGal GadotJason Momoa. Directed by Zac Snyder and partially by Joss Whedon.

I had a lot of fear and low expectations walking into this movie. Though not a masterpiece by any margin, Justice League is a fun movie for fans of the superhero/comic book genre and a nice opportunity to shut off your brain and enjoy some special effects and pretty shots.

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Comic Book Review: Gotham By Gaslight and Master of the Future

Details: Gotham By Gaslight was released in 1989 and Master of the Future was released in 1991 by DC Comics. The book I read collected both stories and is about 115 pages long.

I was watching a trailer for the new animated movie coming out called Gotham By Gaslight. It’s a what if kind of story which imagines if Batman had taken place a hundred years ago. The trailer got me curious and I decided to give the source material a read. What I found was a decent story that gave a different take on the character and mostly gave me feelings of nostalgia about the style of comic books during the 1980’s and 1990’s.

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Comic Book Review: Dark Days: The Forge and Dark Days: The Casting

Details: Published in 2017 by DC Comics. Official sites:

DC Comics is gearing up for their next big event and these two issues act as a preview to what’s ahead. I wasn’t really sure what this was going to be about, but after reading these two books I am hyped and definitely going to read what comes next.

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Comic Book Review: Dark Knight III: The Master Race

Details: Started being released in 2015. Published by DC Comics. Written by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello. Pencils by Andy Kubert. Nine issues in total.

After Frank Miller’s disastrous run on All Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder, I’d pretty much given up hope on Frank Miller and the Dark Knight series. Thankfully, Dark Knight III redeems Miller, or should I say that Miller does okay work when he’s supervised by a competent adult. Writing duties for this miniseries fall to Miller and Brian Azzarello. It’s likely Azzarello’s influence that made this series so readable. I’m sure Miller has plenty of good ideas, but like George Lucas and the Star Wars prequels, sometimes you need someone around who can say no to you and tell you when your ideas are stupid.

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Movie Review: Wonder Woman

Details: Released in 2017. About two hours and twenty minutes long. Stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright.

I didn’t read any reviews before watching this movie in order to avoid spoilers. After seeing the movie, I went and scavenged over all the reviews on the internet to see what other people thought. Generally, people love this movie. I’ve even heard it called a perfect superhero movie. Personally, I enjoyed the movie, but I think it is far, far away from a masterpiece. I also think there are many existing comic book movies that are easily superior to this one. No spoilers except a brief summary of the premise.

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Movie Review: Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Details: Released in 2017. About an hour and a half long.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract is the latest DC Comics Animation movie to come out. It’s about the Teen Titans, a group of teenage superheroes and their enemies Brother Blood and Deathstroke.

I mostly didn’t enjoy it. It was cringy, corny, and hard to watch at many points. Some of it was okay. Kevin Smith guest stars near the end. I still did not enjoy. I can’t even recommend this movie to kids. It makes subtle to overt comments on sex which may make some parents wary to let young kids watch it. If you’re okay with that, then let your kids watch it.

Overall, skip it unless you are desperate to watch an animated superhero movie.

Score: 5/10

Movie Review: Justice League Dark

Details: Released in 2017. About an hour and fifteen minutes long. Stars Matt Ryan, Camilla Luddington, Jason O’Mara.

Justice League Dark is the latest in DC Comics series of animated movies based on their comic books. In this movie, the Justice League discovers that something is causing common citizens to lose their minds and commit atrocities. After learning that the threat is magical in nature, Batman goes off to find magic users capable of combating this evil.

It’s a new story and will likely appeal to a few kinds of people. Firstly, if you were a fan of Batman: The Animated Series, then you may enjoy this. It’s not Kevin Conroy voicing Batman nor is the story of the quality of a Bruce Timm animated series, but it’s not bad and is the best quality DC Comics based animated movie out right now.

Secondly, if you were a fan of the short-lived Constantine television show that was canceled a while back, you’d be happy to know that the voice actor for John Constantine is none other than Matt Ryan. It’s a nice chance to see him relive the role again (I also saw him guest star on an episode of Arrow a while back, if you’re interested). Camilla Luddington also voices Zatanna if you’re a fan of hers.

Lastly, it’s a chance to see some of the more magical elements of the DC Comics universe make an appearance. If you’re a fan of Etrigan, Constantine, Zatanna, Boston Brand, Swamp Thing, and the Justice League, then this may be worth a watch for you.

Overall, it’s an okay story that was just short enough to keep my attention. If the above appoints interest you, then you may enjoy the movie. Otherwise, you probably should skip this film.

Score: 5/10

Comic Book Reviews: Books Released on January 25, 2016

I didn’t review anything last week because nothing looked good. Found some this week though.

Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016) #10

Not my favorite book of the week, but still something I keep coming back to. This book is mostly a retelling of evil Captain America’s origin as it was rewritten by the Cosmic Cube and the unfolding of evil Captain America’s grand plan. It’s not an emotional book. It just lays out the series of events in order. I read it mostly because I want to see where it’s all going, which seems to be a big Marvel event that is coming down the road.

Score: 5/10


Civil War II: The Oath (2017) #1

The only reason this book is worth mentioning is that the end of the book gives you a glimpse at evil Captain America’s end game. I probably wouldn’t buy the book. Just walk into your local comic book store and read the last few pages.

Score: 3/10


Doctor Strange (2015) #16

Bachalo’s art. That’s the main reason to buy this book. The story is fine, I just don’t like that Doctor Strange has become a mystical Tony Stark. Doctor Strange used to be a more wise, mysterious character. Now her cracks jokes and reminds me more of the Doctor Strange in the movies. A big change to attract a more mainstream audience I guess.

Score: 6/10


Infamous Iron Man (2016) #4

Likely my favorite book of the moment. I’ve seen Maleev’s art before and I’ve always enjoyed it. That doesn’t change here. It’s just fun to see this spin on Doctor Doom. Not much progression in this issue, but still all right.

Score: 6/10


Inhuman V. X-Men (2016) #3

Another fine issue. Worth the purchase if you’ve been following along.

Score: 6/10


Justice League v. Suicide Squad (2016) #6

Not a great book, but I can see the appeal if you’re interested in the Justice League or the Suicide Squad.

Score: 4.5/10

Comic Book Reviews: Comics Released on January 11, 2017

All Star Batman (2016) #6

This series is really starting to feel like Paul Dini’s animated series in that all the villains seem to be getting their own little story, Snyder style. This time, it’s Mr. Freeze. The story does not feel as good as what was done by Snyder prior on Batman, but it was still all right. I’m going to keep reading this series regardless of quality because Snyder plus Batman equals compulsive reading.

Score: 6/10


Captain America: Steve Rogers (2016) #9

Not a great issue, but not terrible. I mainly read this issue because I’m eager to see what evil Captain America’s plan is. Guess I’ll patiently wait for that reveal.

Score: 6/10


Inhumans v. X-Men (2016) #2

My favorite book of the week and another reason why X-Men comic books are still awesome and should not be canceled. The X-Men begin their assault on the Inhumans in this issue and it all feels right unlike what happened in Civil War II. The motivations all feel right. For instance, the X-Men are trying to fight for their lives and even still, try to protect civilians. It’s a good book. Additionally, I’ve always liked Yu’s artwork despite internet comments to the contrary.

Score: 7.1/10


Justice League v. Suicide Squad #4 of 6

Just of bunch of action involving a lot of DC Comics characters. What was interesting was seeing the New 52 versions of a lot of characters I had not seen before. Still, not a great book.

Score: 5/10


The Might Thor (2015) #15

First and foremost, Dauterman’s art is sublime and fits the subject matter perfectly. There’s just something magical and mythical about how he draws these characters and the flow of the action. The story here is also interesting and has me looking forward to seeing what comes next. What seemed like a story involving science fiction aliens versus fantasy Norse mythology turned into a story that will likely smash all those elements into a smorgasbord of all of the above. It’s going to be good. This is my favorite book of the week.

Score: 7/10


Spider-Man (2016) #12

I’m not loving this story line, but I am interested in seeing a cross over with Spider Gwen. I wish this series will go back to the high school meets superhero dynamic that I’ve come to expect. Oh well, guess I’ll just keep reading along and hope for the best.

Score: 5/10

Comic Book Reviews: Books Released on January 4, 2017

Looked through a bunch of books, but only found two books worth reviewing.

Batman (2016) #14

Official preview:

Despite my dislike for the new story arc, this was a welcome issue. It was fun to just hang out with Batman and Catwoman, and to see them be romantic for once. Most of the time, they just flirt and never go any further. It’s nice to see them actually pursue it for once and to see both characters with some vulnerability.

Score: 5.7/10


The Unworthy Thor (2016) #3 of 5

Official preview:

Coipel is drawing Thor. There really isn’t anything else you need to know. The art is great and the story is fun. It’s also fun to see the appearance of so many familiar faces from the Marvel Universe in the book. It helps make the book feel more cosmic.

Score: 7/10