Restaurant Review: Prince Noodle and Cafe

Details: Located at 4009 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354. I couldn’t find an official site so here’s the Yelp page:

A friend recommended I try this place and it was exactly what I thought it was going to be. It was fine.

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Restaurant Review: Ming Xing B.B.Q.

Details: Located at 35-14 Farrington St, Flushing, NY 11354. I couldn’t find an official site so here’s the yelp page:

Ming Xing BBQ is a place specializing is Xi’an barbecue skewers. Their twist is that you get to cook it yourself at your table. I usually find communal cooking with friends to be a fun activity and it was pretty fun here despite the many times we burned our hands.

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Restaurant Review: Prince Tea House

Details: Located at 36-39 Prince St, Flushing, NY 11354. I couldn’t find and official site so here’s their yelp page:

Prince Tea House is a dessert and tea place that leans towards Asian flavors. I’ve walked by a couple of times and usually, this place is packed. During peak hours, this place is usually full and you’re going to have to wait on a line.

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Restaurant Review: Latin Bakery & Restaurant

Details: Located at 41-41 Main St, Queens, NY 11355. I couldn’t find a website so here’s the unclaimed Yelp page:

In a sea of Asian restaurants, Latin Bakery & Restaurant stands alone. It’s been in Flushing a long time and withstood the test of time.

There are a lot of things served here, some over ten dollars. However, if you come here and spend over ten dollars, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s what to get: every day they have a different lunch special that sells for around nine dollars. It comes with salad, beans and rice. Get that. There is also a different daily soup which goes for around five to ten dollars depending on the size you order. Get that. They also have various pastries and fried snacks like empanadas, arepas, and sausages. I like the guava cheese pastry personally. Get those. And that’s about it. Don’t get the stuff that costs around twenty dollars. I’m sure it’s good, but no one orders that stuff. Most people just get some fried snacks and the soup.

Overall, this place is great. It’s the only place in the neighborhood to get some Colombian food in a neighborhood where everything is Asian, and at a reasonable price.

Score: 6.8/10

Restaurant Review: Taipan Bakery

Details: Two locations in Flushing and in Chinatown. The official site is

Taipan Bakery is a Taiwanese bakery that’s been around a very long time. There used to be more locations, but there are only two now.

You can get a variety of things here. There are the many  breads and pastries, such as egg tarts, hot dog buns, shredded pork and mayo bun, corn bun, etc. There are too many to name. You can also get coffee or tea. They also do cakes, which I haven’t had for while so I can’t speak as to their quality.

Breads range from around a dollar to a few dollars. Usually, I get a Danish hot dog bun, a curry beef pie, and a corn bun with a hot milk tea. The one thing that this place has that other Taiwanese bakeries don’t have (I’m looking at you Fay Da) is the Danish hot dog bun. It’s just a hot dog bun wrapped in a croissant instead of the normal squishy bun. I much prefer this type of hot dog bun though. The curry beef pie is simply wrapped in puff pastry. The corn bun has corn and ham mixed with mayo sitting on regular bun.

People… are pretty rude here. They don’t really have a grasp of the concept of queuing or respecting others’ personal space. I’ll leave it at that.

Overall, if you’re looking to try some baked goods from an Asian (or more specifically Taiwanese) bakery, Taipan Bakery is a good choice with some relatively unique options.

Score: 6.2/10

Restaurant Review: iCook Buffet

Details: Located at 133-24 42st Ave., Flushing, NY, 11355. I couldn’t find an official site so here’s their yelp page:

iCook Buffet is an all you can eat hot pot place in Flushing. I’ve written about hot pot before. To summarize, hot pot is when they give you a pot of broth and let you cook the food yourself. Often times it’s communal in that there is a big pot in the middle for everyone to share. iCook Buffet gives each person individual pots so you don’t need to mix food.

You can choose from four kinds of broth. I think they were clear, spicy, something with a bone in it, and a fourth that I can’t recall. They’ve got all the classic stuff like fatty beef, leaner beef, lamb, fish, spicy/numbing pickled fish and beef, fish balls, seafood, vegetables, etc. I enjoyed my time here. I usually do at all you can eat hot pot.

Service was so-so. They all have tablets to take your orders so it was easy to just point at things in case you don’t speak Chinese. They mostly speak Chinese here.

Total price for hot pot was around $22.00. I came here on a weekend afternoon.

They also do all you can eat Korean barbecue, which I did not select. No opinions from me, but I read some reviews off Yelp and the reviews crapped all over their Korean barbecue. It’s probably safer just to do hot pot. Plus, the Korean barbecue looks like it costs extra.

Score: 6.5/10

Restaurant Review: New May Wah 359

Details: Located at 133-49 Roosevelt Ave., Flushing, NY 11354. Couldn’t find an official site so here’s their yelp page:

I’ve been looking for more Taiwanese restaurants in Flushing and found this place. They seem to have a bunch of Taiwanese classics like the stinky tofu and beef noodle soup.

I just ordered the chicken leg over rice with sausage. It came with (surprise surprise) a Taiwanese style sausage, pickled/sour vegetables, regular vegetables, literally about five string beans, gravy over the rice and a marinated boiled egg. It was all right and cost $7.50.

The big question is whether this place is better than my favorite place for Taiwanese style lunch bentos, 66 Lu’s Seafood Restaurant. The answer to that is no. Lu’s is still the best in my opinion. Lu’s chicken leg over rice has better fried chicken as well as a much better meat sauce over the rice. While the sausage was pretty good, the five string beans didn’t really add much.

Score: 6/10

Restaurant Review: Taipei Hong

Details: 136-55 Roosevelt Ave., Unit D, Flushing, NY 11354. The entrance is inbetween a bubble tea place and a Chinese skewer place. You have to go in and just walk straight to the back. It’s at the end. I couldn’t find an official site, so here’s there Yelp page:

A while back I wrote that Gu Shine and 66 Lu’s Seafood Restaurant were the only Taiwanese restaurants in Flushing. I was very wrong.

From what I can tell, Taipei Hong used to be in one of the food courts along Main Street. It later moved to its current location on Roosevelt Ave. It’s a small, dirty place with a few tables inside. Don’t expect a romantic ambiance.

They serve a lot of classic Taiwanese things, like the stinky tofu, Taiwanese style popcorn chicken, and Taiwanese style bento lunches. The one thing they serve that most other Taiwanese places don’t have is the Gua Bo, which is just pork belly in a soft bun with various toppings, usually peanuts.

I ordered the pork chop over rice for seven dollars and a pork belly bun for three dollars. Considering the price of the pork belly bun, it was pretty good. Baohaus sells each of these things for more so this was a pretty great deal. The pork chop over rice was also pretty good. They fried the pork chop was fried the same way as their popcorn chicken and tasted like a big popcorn chicken piece, except it was pork. The pork chop was smoking hot when it was given to me and I nearly burned myself. The pork chop came with some fish cakes, meat sauce over the rice, sour/pickled vegetables, some string beans, a slice of egg (literally a slice of cooked egg) and some clear noodles. It was all pretty good.

66 Lu’s Seafood restaurant has the best Taiwanese style pork chop over rice in my opinion. This was good, but not as good. I’m looking forward to coming back and getting the braised pork belly over rice.

Score: 6.7/10

Restaurant Review: 66 Lu’s Seafood Restaurant

Details: Located at 135-25 40th Road, Flushing, NY 11354. Official site is

A while back I wrote a review for Gu Shine as one of the last authentic Taiwanese restaurants in Flushing. That was prompted by the closing of 66 Lu’s Seafood. Looks like I spoke too soon because that restaurant did not close, it simply moved locations. Accordingly, I guess I’ll write a review for it.

66 Lu’s Seafood is an authentic Taiwanese restaurant which does a lot of things right. You can order their more authentic dishes, which I don’t think would be all that appetizing to a Western palate. However, when I go here, I generally have a few go to dishes. They’re the ones a Western palate will likely enjoy.

First and foremost, the pork chop over rice is easily the number one dish here. It comes with a braised egg, vegetables, pickled vegetables, a fried pork chop, and meat sauce over your rice. My second choice is then the beef, tomato over rice. Then you get the classic Taiwanese snack like the oyster pancake with eggs, oyster with thin noodles, and the deep fried stinky tofu. It’s all really good. Most of these dishes are less than ten dollars, which is nice.

The interior is smaller than their former location. I’m not sure most people even know they moved.

The service isn’t great, but the food makes it worth dealing with.

Score: 6.7/10 Love this place, even though I don’t like their bedside manner.

Restaurant Review: Tianjin Dumpling House

Details: Located at Golden Mall, 41-28 Main St., Flushing, NY 11355.

Came here with a friend. I’ve eaten in the mall before, but I generally hate eating in such a cramped, dirty basement. He didn’t care and wanted dumplings anyways.

There are many other establishments in here, mostly hand pulled noodle and hotpot places. Tianjin is just a dumpling and cold dishes place though. They have a variety of boiled dumplings priced at five to six dollars for twelve dumplings. For the most part, boiled dumplings generally taste the same regardless of what’s in them. Just meat and vegetables mostly in these dumplings.

The other thing they do here are the cold side dishes. They have things like tofu, pig ears, pig tongue, sausage, some kind of organ and some other stuff I can’t recall. A lot of it is drenched in the same spicy, numbing red oil. I generally love this stuff, even though it gives me indigestion. This is still true despite my dislike of spicy food. The spicy oil isn’t too spicy and the numbing effect is just mild enough to enjoy.

As for service and ambiance… well its a basement, with stools, broken tiles, and all manned by a single person behind the counter. There are other people there, but mainly one person does all the work of interacting with customers.

Score: 6/10 In regards to ordering, the menu hangs off a wall and is written in English. As for the cold dishes, you can just point at them as they are on display.