Grocery Store Review: Dainobu

Details: Located at 36 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019, among other locations. The official site is

Dainobu is a small, grocery store that primarily focuses on Japanese products. They have a variety of pre-packaged Japanese products from Japan as well as fresher products that they’ve made themselves.

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Restaurant Review: SpoonFed New York Country

Details: Located at 331 W 51st St, New York, NY 10019. The official site is

I have a weakness for southern food. I love it despite how unhealthy and heavy it is. But what I love about SpoonFed NYC is that they take southern comfort food and they put just a little twist on it, not enough to change the core of the food but enough so you feel like your eating something a little new and different.

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Restaurant Review: Sushiya

Details: Located at 28 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019. The official site is

Sushiya is a Japanese restaurant in midtown Manhattan. I came here for lunch and ordered the Ten Don (rice bowl with tempura fried vegetables and shrimp on top) for around thirteen dollars. It was okay.

If you’re in the area and in the mood for Japanese food, I’d probably recommend Ise Menkui-Tei instead since it’s on the same block, but priced slightly cheaper for similar items.

Score: 6/10

Restaurant Review: Topaz Thai Authentic

Details: Located at 127 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019. I couldn’t find the official site so here’s the Yelp page:

Came here for their lunch special. Had the pad thai for about twelve dollars. The portion is one of the smallest portions of pad thai I’ve ever been served. I generally don’t recommend this place for lunch, except that there aren’t that many other Thai places in the immediate area. So if you work a block or two away and don’t want to walk any further than a block or two for lunch, this is the only Thai option you have.

Score: 5.5/10

Restaurant Review: Ise Menkui-Tei

Details: Located at 58 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019. I couldn’t find an official site so here’s the Yelp:

Ise Menkui-Tei is a Japanese restaurant in midtown Manhattan.

I’ve been here twice and had the Hakata ramen (pork bone broth soup, 2 pieces roasted Pork, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, scallion, pickled ginger, and sesame seeds) and the pork katsu don. Both items cost around ten dollars, a little under ten dollars I think but I can’t recall exactly. Both items were all right.

There’s plenty of seats inside and service was fine.

Overall, it’s a good place for lunch during the workday. Certainly not the highest quality Japanese restaurant I’ve ever been to, but decent.

Score: 6/10

Restaurant Review: Bengal Tiger Indian Food

Details: Located at 58 W 56th St. Fl. 2, New York, NY 10019. The official site is

Bengal Tiger Indian Food is an Indian restaurant in midtown Manhattan. They have a pretty good lunch deal, which is what I got.

The lunch deal they have includes two choice of dishes, rice and naan bread for around ten dollars. They have vegetarian options for those who are into that sort of thing. I had the chicken tikka masala and the aloo gobi matar (stir fried potatoes, cauliflower and peas).

The dining area is up a flight of shady looking stairs. It’s a dimly lit, kind of shady looking space. The people working there were fine though and I got the food to go.

Overall, Bengal Tiger Indian Food is a decent place to get Indian food takeout in midtown Manhattan at a decent price. I’d recommend it for lunch during a work day.

Score: 6/10

Restaurant: Kiku Japanese Restaurant

Details: Located at 50 W 55th St, New York, NY 10019. I couldn’t find the official site so here’s the Yelp page:

Kiku is one of those completely not authentic Japanese takeout restaurants. In fact, it’s the kind of restaurant that you find online and order takeout from, but one you never actually visit. As someone who has actually visited this place, I can say that its actual location is kind of a shit hole.

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