Comic Book Review: Dark Nights: Metal

Details: Published from 2017 to 2018 by DC Comics. Six issues. Mostly written by Scott Snyder and mostly drawn by Greg Capullo. Official site is

Dark Knights: Metal is bonkers. It is absolutely bat-shit (pun intended) crazy. Metal is DC’s big crossover comic book event from last year and centers mostly on Batman. Drawing from the story lines occurring after Rebirth, Snyder tells a crazy, overstuffed story that could have easily taken thirty issues instead of six.

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Comic Book Review: Reborn (2016)

Details: Six issue series. Published by Image Comics. Written by Mark Millar and drawn by Greg Capullo.

Greg Capullo and Mark Millar are comic book legends who have drawn and written some of my favorite comic book stories. With that said, Reborn is a short story that is okay, but not great.

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Comic Book Review: Reborn (2016) #1

Officials site is

Mark Millar teams up with Greg Capullo for his next new series. My opinion on Mark Millar books are hit or miss. He has a lot of interesting concepts, but the dialogue he writes is generally the same. I feel like there’s a lack of restraint when it comes to a Millar story. No subtlety and some big twist that will come along and just smack you in the face. In other words, the execution of his stories generally cause me to lose interest after the first issue. This remains true with Reborn.

In this first issue, we learn that those who die in our world are “Reborn” into another, fantastical world where people and mythical creatures are at war. Our protagonist, a woman who dies is reborn into this new world and finds out that the people of this world think she is some kind of messiah and will save them all.

The story is really short and not much happens other than that. The explanation of this world and its mysteries will obviously be revealed in subsequent issues. As with other Millar stories, it’s an interesting concept… but I just don’t really care for it and don’t really want to read subsequent issues.

If I do stay with this book, it will be largely due to Capullo’s art. It’s great to see his style again, even though I feel that his work on Batman was far superior in terms of telling a story.

Score: 5.4/10 Probably not going to read any more issues, even if Capullo is drawing it.