Comic Book Review: Silver Surfer: Requiem

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Score: 7.5/10

Silver Surfer: Requiem is a nice little miniseries that tells a what if story: what if the Silver Surfer was dying? It’s written by the titular J. Michael Straczynski.

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Comic Book Review: House of X #2 Retcons the History of the X-Men

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Score: 8/10

After the end of the Batman Who Laughs, I was worried about what my next must read book would be. I didn’t have much to worry about because that new book is this one. House of X is a companion book with Power of X, but I feel like this book is the true main book.

House of X #2 takes one of the primary characters in the X-Men franchise and rectons her history, thereby retconning a lot of the X-Men’s history. It’s quite the trip as we not only explore this characters history, but we get to explore the intricacies of her powers, which is one of my favorite kinds of stories when it comes to superpowers. There will be spoilers ahead.

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Movie Review: Avengers: Endgame

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Score: 8.8/10

There will be no spoilers in this paragraph, but there will be spoilers after the jump below. All that needs to be said is that this movie has some flaws, but I loved it. I loved every second of it. This movie is meant for fans who are familiar with the Marvel cinematic universe. The more you know about Marvel movies, the more enjoyment you get and vice versa. I’d say you’d at least have to watch Infinity War to have any idea of what is going on. If you hate superhero stuff, you will still hate this movie. If you have any affection for Marvel superhero movies and have watched Infinity War, Endgame is a movie you must watch. Some more thoughts on the movie after the jump below.



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Movie Review: Black Panther

Details: Released in 2018. About two hours and forty minutes long. Directed by Ryan Coogler. Stars Chadwick BosemanMichael B. JordanLupita Nyong’o.

Despite all the glowing reviews I’ve seen all over the place claiming that this film is a cultural phenomenon, this is simply a good movie. It’s not a masterpiece. It’s not even close to being the best Marvel film ever released in my opinion (that goes to Captain America: Winter Soldier).

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TV Show Review: The Punisher

Details: Released on Netflix in 2017. There are thirteen episodes with each episode about an hour long.

The Punisher is one of the better Netflix-Marvel shows and most of that is because of Jon Bernthal. Bernthal takes what could have been a mediocre narrative and elevates it into something a little bit better.

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