Video Game Review: New Super Mario Bros. 2: Gold Edition

Details: Played on the 3DS. Around five hours to beat the main game, around eleven hours for the secret levels, and around twenty hours to complete everything according to More information can be found at

Score: 7/10

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a standard two dimensional side scroller. It doesn’t add anything new like in Super Mario Odyssey. It just plays like a game from the 1990’s, except with slightly better visuals.

Additionally, Gold Edition simply means it was bundled with all additional downloadable content into on purchasable package.

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Video Game Review: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Details: says this game takes around twenty hours to beat. Played on the 3DS. More information can be found at

Score: 5.8/10

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is a game in the Ace Attorney franchise that came out for the 3DS some years ago. I had never played anything in this franchise before so I didn’t know what to expect. Unfortunately, Apollo Justice is a visual novel and every visual novel I’ve played through has been pretty boring to me, including this one.

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Video Game Review: Pokemon Omega Ruby

Details: Beat the game in about twenty-four hours. Spent about three hours going through post game content. More information can be found at

Score: 7/10

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are remakes of older games using the graphics and animations from Pokemon X and Y. Strangely enough, the game looks better than X and Y. While I enjoyed Omega Ruby more than I enjoyed X, the many added features do not cover up flaws in the original Ruby and Sapphire that made their way into these remakes as well.

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Video Game Review: Detective Pikachu

Details: No idea how long this game took, but there are nine chapters and each chapter probably took a little over an hour to get through. More information can be found at

Score: 5.9/10

Detective Pikachu is a standard adventure game. My biggest complaints with this game are not with the game itself, but with the adventure game genre, which I find mostly boring. Also, an adventure game relies heavily on its story and while Detective Pikachu tells its own story separate from the movie, there’s enough connection to the movie’s story that it took something away from the game.

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Video Game Review: Pokemon X

Details: Beat the main game in about thirty-two hours. Played about three more hours going through post game content. More information can be found at

Score: 6.8/10

There is no reason to play this game at the present date unless someone has given you a free copy. Pokemon X and Y is a decent Pokemon game, it is simply outdated. The story and gameplay follow the well established Pokemon game formula, minus all the improvements in Ultra Sun and Moon. If you need to play a Pokemon game right now, go get Ultra Sun or Moon. Otherwise, just wait for Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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