Video Game Review: Grand Theft Auto Online: Diamond Casino DLC

Details: More information can be found at

Score: 6/10

Rockstar has released the latest free downloadable content for their massively profitable Grand Theft Auto Online and it’s mostly fun. Most noteworthy is that there is a new line of story missions associated with the free content (as long as you own Grand Theft Auto V and have an internet connection).

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Manhwa Review: My Wife is a Demon Queen

Details: Google it yourself. I assume this is the official site because this is the first result when googling the Chinese name:

My Wife is a Demon Queens is a Chinese isekai comic where the protagonist gets teleported from modern day China to a fantasy world. It’s pretty cookie cutter so far. Not as much fan service as I feared, which is nice. Art is about as good as The Gamer. Solo Leveling is probably the best drawn isekai thing I’ve seen recently and this doesn’t compare. This comic is average all around with nothing particularly interesting about it.

Score: 5.9/10

Video Game Review: Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours

Details: Released in July 2018. Played for about an hour. Official site is

Score: 5/10

GTA Online has released another free update and it is a short one. I found it to be a welcome update, though it doesn’t really add much. It is free though, so there’s that.

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Online Show Review: Harmon Quest, Season 1

Details: There are ten episodes in this season. You can watch it for free on

Harmonquest is an online show where Dan Harmon, the creator of shows like Community and Rick and Morty, plays Dungeons and Dragons with some friends and a new guest celebrity every episode.

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