Comic Book Review: Dark Nights: Metal

Details: Published from 2017 to 2018 by DC Comics. Six issues. Mostly written by Scott Snyder and mostly drawn by Greg Capullo. Official site is

Dark Knights: Metal is bonkers. It is absolutely bat-shit (pun intended) crazy. Metal is DC’s big crossover comic book event from last year and centers mostly on Batman. Drawing from the story lines occurring after Rebirth, Snyder tells a crazy, overstuffed story that could have easily taken thirty issues instead of six.

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Comic Book Review: All-Star Batman (2016) #2

Official site:

Another week, another awesome Batman story delivered by Snyder. Snyder and Romita return for another chapter in this fun trip. This story is decidedly less serious than Snyder’s run on Batman. I can’t tell if it’s intentional or due to Romita’s art style.

There are a lot of interesting revelations revealed in the main story. Firstly, Snyder has retconned the relationship of Harvey Dent and Batman a bit. Harvey it seems has always known Batman’s true identity. Dent’s just never had enough evidence to prove it. In fact, Harvey and Bruce Wayne have been childhood friends. It’s an interesting addition to an old relationship. Bruce and Harvey have generally been friends in most story lines, but now they are life long friends. It’s also interesting to see Snyder add to the mythos of Two-Face and how Harvey Dent and Two-Face coexist.

What doesn’t feel natural though is how everyone in Gotham can turn on Batman so easily. I imagine it will be due to some big reveal in subsequent issues. I can’t wait.

The side story is also surprisingly good. We get another glimpse into Duke and into Zsasz’s modus operandi.

Score: 7.5/10 Another fun story and the main book I look forward to each week.

Comic Book Review: All Star Batman (2016) #1

Oh, thank heavens. Scott Snyder is writing Batman again. After his run on Batman ended I was left adrift on what American comic books could fill the void left by one of the greatest, if not the greatest run on a Batman comic book that there has ever been. Snyder and Capullo’s run on Batman was so good, it literally made me lose interest in almost every other book on the shelf because they simply could not match the quality Snyder and Capullo were putting out.

And while Snyder has returned to write a character he has proven to hold a deep understanding of, Capullo has unfortunately not returned with him. I suppose I will just have to accept John Romita Jr.– one of the most respected and desired comic book artists out there– as a consolation prize. Suffice it to say the art is good.

This first books jumps right into the action. Batman is taking Two-Face somewhere that might potentially rid Harvey Dent of his dangerous alter ego. Unfortunately, Two-Face has put out the word that whoever stops Batman will be paid an enormous reward, prompting both villains and civilians to try and kill Batman as he tries to get Two-Face to his destination. It’s been fun so far, but Snyder hints at some reveals that will affect the history of Batman and his relationship with Alfred.

Personally, I am excited to see Snyder take on the character of Two-Face. Besides Joker, Two-Face is arguably Batman’s most dangerous villain and I am eager to see Snyder’s insight into the Batman universe applied to this character.

In addition to the Two-Face story, there is also a side story involving Batman’s new ally, Duke. He is undoubtedly not Robin, and the story goes into figuring out what kind of hero he will be. It was a surprisingly compelling side story and I’m eager to see more of Duke and Zsasz.

Score: 7.1/10 A fun, action packed start to a promising Batman story.