TV Show Review: Iron Fist, Season 2

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Score: 6/10

The most exciting part of the second season of Iron Fist was the ending and the implications for the future. Otherwise, season two of Iron Fist is better than the first season, but still not great.

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TV Show Review: Voltron: Legendary Defender, Seasons 1 Through 7

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Score: 6.8/10

Voltron: Legendary Defender is the newest reboot of a popular decades old cartoon. Originally from Japan, subsequent reboots have been American produced with animation often happening in Asia somewhere. This is still the case with this new series. Legendary Defender is a good show that, as is often the case, gets progressively better in terms of narrative and animation quality with each subsequent season.

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TV Show Review: Legion, Season Two

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Score: 6.5/10

Legion is a show that is deliberately trippy. Sometimes, when you try to be trippy you just end up going too far. The story is forsaken for the gimmick of being trippy. That is unfortunately the case for season two of Legion.

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TV Show Review: Luke Cage, Season 2

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Score: 7.2/10

Season two of Luke Cage is better than season one. It feels like the show runners fine tuned how they want to handle the tone and feel of the show and of how they wanted this character to develop.

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Anime Review: March Comes In Like A Lion, Season 2

Details: Also known as Sangatsu no RaionSeason 2 aired in 2017 through 2018. There are twenty-two episodes in this season with each a little under twenty-five minutes long.

March Comes In Like A Lion is a sad, warm, beautiful anime whose plot resembles something that you’d see in a Asian soap opera. I hate soap operas, but what makes this so much better than soap operas is the use of beautiful art, animation, and music.

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TV Show Review: Jessica Jones, Season 2

Details: Aired on Netflix in 2018. Thirteen episodes with each at about fifty minutes long.

You know that feeling you get when you watch a horror movie and the characters keep doing stupid ass shit that is so stupid it kind of yanks you out of the experience. There’s a lot of that in season two of Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is mostly entertaining. It’s just that the climactic moments can seem kind of ridiculous at times.

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TV Show Review: Stranger Things 2

Details: This is a review for season 2 of the show Stranger Things. Released on Netflix in 2017. There are nine episode with each episode at around forty-five minutes to an hour-long.

If I were to summarize Stranger Things 2 into a single phrase, it would be “nostalgia porn.” Stranger Things 2 doubles down on the nostalgia for the 1980’s and almost forces the viewer to partake in the music, style, and pop culture of the 1980’s. If you’re a fan of that decade, then you will likely enjoy Stranger Things 2. If you did not… then Stranger Things may come off as derivative and uninspired. For me, Stranger Things 2 dances the line between homage to the 1980’s and an uninspired, unoriginal mishmash of 1980’s pop culture.

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