Discussion: I want a John Wick sequel, I want it NOW, and this is what it should be.

It opens “five years and some change” before the events of the current film. John Wick is an unstoppable hitman for Viggo and Viggo’s criminal organization. The film should open with an action scene showing John’s prowess, skill, and ferocity. There should be a large body count and John working his way up henchman, through boss henchman, and eventually killing the target.

John soon meets his future wife, Helen, by happenstance. They fall in love and John realizes there is more to life than just killing and he wants out. He goes to Viggo and asks to leave the life behind. Viggo surmises that this is about a girl. Viggo expresses to him that there is no getting out of this kind of life, except in a coffin. Viggo explains further that even if Viggo gave his blessing (which he does not want to do) to leave his gang/outfit, their enemies would inevitably find him and kill him, and his woman, if/when he becomes vulnerable.

It is here where Viggo offers John the “impossible task” mentioned in the current film. Viggo states that if John completes this task, he will never bother John again and that John will be free to live his life as he sees fit. What Viggo doesn’t say is that this is likely a suicide mission.

The mission is this: Every five years, the heads of all the crime organizations on the east coast meet in New York City to discuss matters related to each and to coordinate. Viggo offers that if John can learn of the meeting place and kill every single crime boss of every major crime organization and their lieutenants, then Viggo can take over in the resulting chaos and power vacuum and that John will be free, of enemies and of Viggo. John, being the badass he is, agrees.

John then goes on a killing spree over New York City of numerous crime bosses and their henchman. He eventually learns of the meeting place’s location, which is in a hotel. John assaults the hotel in a flurry of bullets, martial arts and explosions. He eventually makes his way up the building to where all the bosses are holed up.

Upon entering the room, he finds Helen standing next to the leader of all the crime bosses, along with a small army of henchmen and other bosses. Helen works for the leader of all crime bosses. All the bosses and guards are pointing their guns at John. John realizes that the innocent woman he fell in love with was also part of this life of crime and violence. John realizes he will likely have to kill Helen. In a moment of rage and confusion at his predicament, John ultimately decides on killing everyone anyway.

Insert big action scene with John killing everyone, saving Helen for last. After every else is dead, John walks over to Helen, gun drawn, but ultimately decides not to kill her and that tells her to leave. That’s when the leader of all crime bosses, who was fatally injured, attacks John and prepares to kill him. After another little fight, John is put in a disadvantage and about to be killed. Helen intervenes and shoots the leader of all crime bosses with one of the guns from the fallen henchman. Helen tells John she’s sorry. John gets up and kisses her.

Transition┬áto a patched up John having a meeting with Viggo. Viggo is noticeably uncomfortable and expresses his surprise at John’s accomplishment. Viggo doesn’t say it but he is also fearful of John as well. Viggo honors his end of the bargain. John exits the room to Helen waiting in a car downstairs.

Viggo’s final words to John are that they hope that if their paths cross in the future, it will be as better, more civilized men. John replies: “If our paths cross again, it will not be civilized.”

Viggo whipsers under his breath, “Be seeing you John.”

John leaves with Helen and they ride off into the sunset.

A side note:

Many of the actors from the current film should make an appearance in this prequel. Michael Nyqvist, Adrianne Palicki, Bridget Moynahan, John Leguizamo, Bridget Regan, Lance Reddick, Ian McShane, and of course, William Dafoe should be included. DaFoe should have a more substantial role with him participating in the final assault on the hotel. Alfie Allen may make an appearance foreshadowing the events of the current film.