TV Show Review: Watchmen

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Score: 7.8/10

I think it is undeniable that Watchmen is a masterpiece of a television show. The way it intermingles contentious, real events from history into this fictional world of superheroes in order to say a message, to convey meaningful themes is just impressive. That’s not to say this show is perfect. It is only to say that this show is impressive.

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Comedy Show Review: 8:46

Details: The show can be viewed on YouTube for free. The above clip is the show in its entirety.

Score: 5.8/10

This show isn’t really comedic, but a rant by Dave Chappelle of his opinion on the George Floyd protests. I agree with what Chappelle says, I just didn’t want to hear it from Dave Chappelle the comedian. I’ll explain why.

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TV Show Review: Rick and Morty, Season 4

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Score: 7.3/10

Rick and Morty recently finished its latest season and it’s about as good as it’s always been. Which is to say this season was great.

For those unaware of this show, Rick and Morty is a animated comedy that is meant for adult audiences. It stars Rick (the smartest man in the universe) and Morty (his grandson) and the adventures they get in. It is a very referential show that constantly draws from pop culture for its jokes. Specifically, it heavily relies on references to science fiction.

Overall, if you enjoy adult, potentially offensive humor and have a broad knowledge of science fiction oriented pop culture, this show is for you. This fourth season continues the success of the prior seasons and is as entertaining as everything that came before.

If I could have only one complaint, it’s that many of the jokes get too meta, too fourth wall breaking, and too self reverential. In many of the episodes, there is a sense that the show is often praising or admiring its own brilliance… which isn’t funny or fun to watch. I hope the show stays humble and spends less time in the future analyzing itself. There’s a balance between low brow toilet humor and needlessly complex jokes meant as commentary on story structure. Somewhere in the middle is where I’d like the show to be.

Docuseries Review: The Last Dance

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Score: 7.5/10

I am not a big sports fan, but even I remember watching Michael Jordan play on the Chicago Bulls. It’s kind of like how so many people loved Mike Tyson or the New England Patriots. There’s just something about watching a champion absolutely dominate their field. While this story is about the Chicago Bulls at arguably their greatest, it is primarily a documentary about Michael Jordan at the height of his popularity and dominance.

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TV Show Review: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 7 (The Final Season)

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Score: 7.7/10

It is official; Dave Filoni is the future of Star Wars. If you are unfamiliar with the name, Dave Filoni (along with John Favreau) was the mastermind behind The Mandalorian and this final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Favreau was not involved in The Clone Wars). This final season along with The Mandalorian are the two best Star Wars things to be produced since Disney acquired the franchise.

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